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Discover the newest generation of PP-R pipes. Wexan PP-RCT sets new standards of strength for water distribution systems, taking the best aspects of PP-R pipes to the next level with stronger raw materials, higher service pressure, and most importantly—increased cost savings.

From the group that introduced the Wexan PP-R (Type 3) in the Philippines, Wexan PP-RCT is the newest innovation in PP-R, ensuring an improved and cost-efficient water distribution system for high-rise buildings and condominiums.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Othmann, Inc.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Othmann, Inc.

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Improved Quality.
Higher Cost Savings.

Compared to standard PP-R (Type 3) pipes, the Wexan PP-RCT piping system lets you save up to 30% more on materials and installation costs without compromising on quality.

How it works

Type 4 Generation of PPR. Borealis PP-RCT Raw Materials

New generation PP-RCT resins are made of PP-R with a modified crystalline structure and high temperature resistance. They have a stronger, more stable molecular bonding, which allows for thinner pipe walls and therefore increased water flow at operating pressures comparable to PP-R SDR6 or PN20 systems.

improvement in <br>pressure resistance

improvement in
pressure resistance

increase in volume <br>flow rate

increase in volume
flow rate


  • Designers can take advantage of the higher volume flow rate and select thinner-walled pipes without compromising material strength and pressure requirements.
  • Contractors can meet designer specifications and achieve larger material cost savings.
  • Simple and easy installation thanks to its compatibility with standard Wexan PP-R fittings.

Features and Technology

Made with improved Type 4 PP-RCT raw materials using state-of-the-art German technology, the Wexan PP-RCT system features thinner walled pipes with durability and pressure resistance comparable to Type 3 PP-R SDR 6 pipes.

Wexan PP-RCT Pipes and Wexan Box
Wexan PP-RCT Pipes and Fittings
Wexan PP-RCT gate valve

Made using 100% European Type 4 PP-RCT Resins
Sourced from one of the leading resin suppliers in the world, virgin Borealis Resins are the force behind Wexan PP-RCT’s outstanding temperature and pressure resistance.

Fully compatible with Wexan PP-R Fittings
Wexan PP-RCT pipes can be fused with Wexan PP-R fittings using socket fusion, giving you more design freedom and allowing faster and simpler installation.

50-Year Product Warranty
All Wexan PP-RCT systems come with a 50-Year Product Warranty for your confidence and peace of mind.

Wexan PP-RCT Projects

We are proud to have supplied this game-changing piping solution to many high-rise buildings, condominiums, offices, and residences in the Philippines.