Geberit Sovent System with Water Flow
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The space-saving drainage system.

From the experts in sanitary technology comes Geberit Sovent: the space-saving drainage system. This pioneering single-stack solution is built for high-rise residential condominiums—maximising living space by eliminating the need for additional ventilation pipes.

Geberit is proud to offer you the revolutionary cost-effective alternative to conventional drainage systems. When you choose Geberit pipe systems for your projects, Ottilie and Othmann provide design consultations and technical support to ensure successful installation and fully functional, hassle-free operation throughout its service lifetime.

Swiss Engineering since 1874

Swiss Engineering since 1874

Half the system.
Double the
cost savings.

With its single stack design, Geberit Sovent increases living space by
reducing required piping, cutting down on overall material costs.rial costs.


increase in living space


material cost savings


vent pipes

How it works

Flow-optimised fittings allow for a cost-effective configuration of stacks perfect for high-rise structures. With Geberit’s range of sophisticated, high-performance fittings, the Geberit Sovent System creates and maintains a continuous column of air within the discharge stack. This eliminates the need to install separate vent piping systems (for up to 4 meters).

Watch this Know-How Installed video to see
the Geberit Sovent System in action:

Geberit Sovent Demo Video


The Geberit Sovent Aerator fitting eliminates the need
for a vent piping system

Patented flow guidance technology allows for an increased
discharge capacity of 8.7 li/s

Single vent stack at 110-mm drainage piping increase
usable living and floor space

Complementary fittings Geberit BottomTurn Bend and Backflip
Bend further maximise living space at the Collector Level


Geberit Sovent pioneered the single-stack design that enables a significantly more efficient drainage system. Combined with signature service from Ottilie, we are proud to have a perfect track record with Sovent projects in the country.

3 pieces of Gebert HDPE Pipes
Geberit HDPE Sovent Fitting
Geberit Sovent Fitting Installed with HDPE

100% successful odor-free drainage system installations since 2011
Thanks to Geberit’s strong design expertise and Ottilie’s 25 years of technical experience and support, we have successfully installed the most number of Sovent system projects in the Philippines without any system issues, odor, or leaks.

Comprehensive project design and installation support
With Ottilie, you receive technical design support from start to finish. We provide in-depth design consultation and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis, as well as project site assistance to ensure the proper installation and operation of your Sovent drainage solution.

From the leading experts in European sanitary technology
The Geberit group is at the forefront of innovative, sustainable, and hygienic solutions in Europe. Every product and system from this group is guaranteed to follow high sanitary standards and quality.


Geberit Sovent Projects

Geberit Sovent is the dependable, space-saving HDPE system for a variety
of high-rise condominiums, hotels, and resorts.