Installation of Geberit Isolmat and HDPE pippe
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For sound-critical areas.

From the leading expert in sanitary technology in Europe, Geberit Isol Mat is a sound-absorbing and dampening drainage accessory that significantly reduces noise in acoustically critical areas such as the bedroom, dining and lounging areas, and meeting spaces.

Swiss Engineering since 1874

Swiss Engineering since 1874

Features and Technology

Geberit has its own laboratory in Switzerland dedicated to optimising the acoustic properties of their products and developing new ways to minimise or eliminate noise caused by running water and structure-borne vibrations.

Geberit Isolmat
Closeup of Geberit Isolmat Noise Absorbing Mat
Geberit HDPE wrapped in Geberit Isolmat

Up to 20 db(A) noise reduction

The perfect companion to the Geberit HDPE piping system and compatible with any drainage material (cast iron, PVC, etc.)

Self-adhesive mat for easy installation and set-up

Ideal Project
Ideal Project
Ideal Project

Ideal Projects
and Applications

As a sound-absorbing mat that focuses on maximising comfort through silence, Geberit Isol Mat is best used for private residences, luxury hotels, resorts, and premier hospital and healthcare facilities.