Installation of Rehau Raupiano Plus paired and Rehau Rautitan HIS 311

Rehau is a premium worldwide brand for polymer-based innovations and piping solutions. Driven to enhance people’s lives by elevating the comfort and safety of buildings, this group has pioneered PEXa piping—a type of crosslinked polyethylene that boasts exceptional flexibility, optimum strength, and outstanding durability. Rehau is the choice brand of industry experts and homeowners alike for private and commercial projects.

As the original supplier of Rehau in the Philippines, our sister company Ottilie (then Camp Marketing Dev’t Inc.) was the first to introduce the zero maintenance piping system in 1994. Together, we continue to advance reliability, comfort, and sustainability by providing proficient technical support from planning to the execution and operation of your projects.

No Rust. No Leak. No Problem. <br>Since 1994.

No Rust. No Leak. No Problem.
Since 1994.

engineering progress enhancing lives

Features and Technology

Made in Germany, developed by experts from around the world. With over 70 years of research and engineering expertise, Rehau delivers the perfect balance between high quality pipes and cutting-edge solutions with a focus on sustainability and care for the environment.

Today, the Rehau product range proudly boasts patented technology for mounting, installations, jointing, and sound-dampening, driven by their mission to improve quality of life through comfort and hygiene.

Rehau Group Piping Systems

Rehau Rautitan his 311
Rehau Rautitan his 311
No leaks. No rust. No problems. Introduced in 1994, Rautitan is the Philippines’ first leak-proof thermoplastic piping system. Then and now, Rautitan is the top choice for luxury and upscale projects and dream homes in the country—guaranteeing zero maintenance and minimal workmanship failures for those who want the best for their projects.
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Rehau Raupiano Plus
Rehau Raupiano Plus
Silent and reliable, Rehau Raupiano features patented sound reduction and installation technologies, making it the choice acoustic drainage system for luxury hotels, residences, and upscale establishments that require maximum comfort with minimal noise.
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Rehau Group Projects

Together with Ottilie and Othmann, Rehau has helped to ensure that many luxury hotels, residences,
and establishments in the Philippines can enjoy elevated comfort and safety for generations to come.