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Trusted by developers since 1996

Not all PP-R pipes are made equal. True strength lies beyond the surface: Donsen PP-R pipe and fitting systems deliver world-class quality at very competitive prices. Our most affordable PP-R brand to date, Donsen is the choice of top developers and triple-A contractors in the Philippines for its great value, reliability, and uncompromising quality.

Aligned with the Donsen brand promise of reliable and consistent quality, Ottilie guarantees comprehensive service and technical support when you choose Donsen PP-R systems for your project.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Othmann, Inc.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Othmann, Inc.

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Features and Technology

For a safe and reliable water distribution system, Donsen offers quality PP-R pipes and fittings that are easy to install and resistant to leakage, contamination, or damage even under extreme conditions. Available in green and white colors.

Donsen PPR PN20 Green and White Pipes
Green PPR Elbow and Threaded Fittings
White PPR Elbow and Threaded Fittings

Made with 100% virgin Korean Hyosung resins
All Donsen PP-R pipes and fittings are made from high quality raw materials to ensure consistent delivery and long service life.

Manufactured under strict German standards (DIN 8077/78)
Donsen pipe systems are manufactured in a 40,000-sqm ISO-certified plant that meets all the necessary requirements to ensure a safe and sanitary water supply.

3-Point Quality Check
For Donsen, consistency is key. Each pipe and fitting goes through a rigorous inspection process to ensure its quality from start to finish: from Raw Materials Inspection, to Process Inspection, and Final Product Quality Inspection.

Donsen Projects

Donsen PP-R is the reliable choice for a variety of developments in the Philippines, including high-rise condominium projects,
office and commercial spaces, and township and communities.