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Weather the elements, withstand the test of time. The Wexan Double Walled Corrugated (DWC) PE piping system is built for simple assembly and the extreme demands of outdoor and subsurface installations. A lasting alternative to RCP (reinforced concrete pipe) systems, Wexan Corrugated PE is the ideal subsurface drainage system for townships, community developments, and road networks.

By choosing Wexan Corrugated PE, you choose lasting reliability. Ottilie will provide comprehensive service and technical support for your project with Wexan or any other piping system from our product range.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Othmann, Inc.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Othmann, Inc.

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Stronger. Lighter.
Simpler to install.

Wexan Double Walled Corrugated PE is stronger and
lighter than traditional RCP. Even under constant
pressure and stress, this heavy-duty drainage system
boasts excellent durability and resistance against
corrosion and impact.


stronger than RCP


lighter than RCP


leak-proof installation

Features and Advantages

Putting piping strength and durability at front and center, Wexan Double Walled Corrugated PE piping systems use premium, virgin European materials and German technology to ensure reliable quality and performance meant to last a lifetime.

Wexan Corrugated PE Double-seal rubber gasket technology
Smooth Inner Walls of DWC PE Pipe
Double Walled Corrugated PE with Smooth Inner Walls

Optimised for strength and flexibility
The durability of Wexan Double Walled Corrugated PE lies in both flexibility and strength. The pipes are lightweight yet impact resistant, strong enough to withstand constant heavy load-bearing activities and flexible enough to weather earthquakes and adapt to uneven soil settlement without cracking or breaking.

Simple and easy installation, leak-proof connections
Wexan Corrugated PE systems employ a simple 2-step socket-spigot jointing method that facilitates simple and easy installation, while its patented reinforced bellmouth structure and double-seal rubber gasket technology ensures permanently leak-proof connections every time.

Maximum labor and cost efficiency
The Wexan Double Walled Corrugated PE system is designed for efficiency. In addition to its patented gasket seal method for quicker installation, it is 8X lighter than reinforced concrete pipes (RCP)—easier to transport and even faster to install. No sealants, cement, or heavy lifting needed. Once installed, Wexan Corrugated PE systems have a maintenance-free service life of 50 years, further increasing cost savings.

Superior hydraulics and sanitation
Smooth inner walls with a C-factor of 150 means better water flow and less friction compared to single-walled pipes and RCP, eliminating the risk of clogging and sediment and waste buildup.

Made with German Drossbach Machines
German machines can produce up to 1200mm pipes with reliable consistency, ensuring the ring stiffness and load-bearing capacity of every pipe and fitting with a service life of 50 years.

Wexan Double Walled Corrugated PE Projects

Guaranteeing consistent quality and reliability, Wexan Double Walled Corrugated PE piping systems
have been used for a variety of industrial developments, townships, and road networks.

New Clark City Stadium

New Clark City Stadium


Along with Wexan HDPE SDR 11 and Wexan Pipeline PP-R, Wexan Corrugated PE is ideal for use in community-wide and industrial water supply and drainage systems.