German Made Polymutan PPR Pipes and Gate Valve
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Discover the PP-R piping system built for pure excellence: Polymutan. With the limitless selection of PP-R pipes in the market, Polymutan stands out by guaranteeing perfect water quality throughout decades of continued use, boasting exceptional, long-term durability with over 20 years of trusted service in the Philippines.

For private residences and projects where quality is the top priority, choose Polymutan—the first and best German-Made PP-R piping system in the country, available exclusively through Ottilie and Othmann.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Othmann, Inc.

Distributed exclusively by our sister company Othmann, Inc.

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Features and Technology

Polymutan is the unparalleled choice for hot and cold PP-R piping systems. It uses high-grade European materials and only the best in German piping machineries, excelling in situations with strict demands for hygiene and clean water distribution.

German Made Polymutan PPR PN20 Pipes
Polymutan PPR with Dezac Resistant Female Threaded Adapter
Different Sizes of Polymutan German Made PPR Pipes

Guaranteed 100% German-Made
From the country that created the global DIN standards for PP-R piping, Polymutan uses 100% virgin LyondellBasell Resins to produce piping systems that are resistant to corrosion and deposit buildup, delivering outstanding water quality for over 50 years.

Made with high-grade Dezac brass
Ensuring the highest standards of quality, every fitting is made with dezincification-resistant European brass for extreme strength and durability. This material helps prevent jointing failures or overtightening, allowing for leak-proof connections.

Trusted by Filipino households since 1997
Polymutan has been the trusted water distribution system for thousands of homes and high-end establishments in the Philippines for over two decades.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly
Sustainable, 100% recyclable, and non-toxic, Polymutan PP-R Pipes are manufactured using only â…“ of the energy needed by other thermoplastics during production and are free from any harmful by-products and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In the Philippines, Polymutan also boasts one of the most comprehensive lists of certifications in quality and reliability.

Polymutan Projects

Today, over 11,730 projects nationwide use Polymutan, ranging from high-end private
residences, premium residential developments, and luxury hotels and resorts.